What happens when a group of artists are passionate about capturing unforgettable moments in slow motion and decide they want create a new unique experience to showcase this art? Le Cinema Booth is born. From the masterminds at Turned Wedding Films and Turned Productions, Le Cinema Booth was designed and built around the progressive idea of capturing the essence of slow motion in one of the most creative environments possible.

Le Cinema Booth beckons the atmosphere of a Salon Art Exhibition. "Salons" were centered in France and reigned from the 17th century through the 20th century. These events were annual exhibitions of works of art by living artists as well as hubs for academic discussion. In this context, the essence of Le Cinema Booth celebrates living human art in the modern era.

Le booth's boutique design centers itself around an antique camera, custom backdrop and lit with wood crafted light cabinets. It can be set up solo or inside our elegant shaded canvas tent. Motion props and accoutrements echo eras both antique and modern day. With these creative elements combined, a truly unique experience has been invented.

Thank you for your further interest. We look forward to joining you in capturing your celebrated event.